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In this gripping literary noir mystery, a Tokyo fortuneteller hires a detective to find her missing son, an entomological illustrator. A startling clue leads the detective into the underground worlds of fortunetelling and “pleasure” tours. The missing son reminds him of an old case which ended badly, one he is compelled to reopen. As he investigates both, the detective finds his life more ghost-like than one of substance.

Available October 2015
cloth cover & eBook
distributed by Consortium Book Sales

Chin Music Press
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"Todd and LJC Shimoda tell a terrifically vivid story about the nature and shape of possibility. You find yourself in a tug-of-war with yourself, lingering over sentences while pressing on, eager to see what happens next, to uncover—or surmise—how the details fit together and, above that, what it all might mean. That back-and-forth, between imagining and knowing, suspicion and satisfaction, controlling and letting go, is echoed—and amplified—by the book's visuals, which sometimes seep into the story by way of a page’s margins and at other times fill page after page with allusive snippets of info and evocative touches of ink-loaded brushes. Reading between the lines never looked better, nor left you with so much to ponder."

—David Pagel, Professor of Art Theory and History, Claremont Graduate University; art critic, Los Angeles Times; adjunct curator, Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY